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Welding, Engineering, and Assembly Company, Inc.

Located in Baltimore, MD, Welding, Engineering, and Assembly Company, Inc. (“WEACO”) manufactures and installs decorative ornamental iron fencing and railings for over 60 years. WEACO provides design services and provides fabrication service for your design.  WEACO can also help you comply with ADA and building code requirements or fabricate from your engineer or architectural drawings.  

WEACO can fabricate and install new porch railings that will match the existing rails. We can assist you in identifying whether your railing can be repaired or needs to be replaced. We can help you design a new railing that not only complies with ADA, community, and local building standards, but is also integrated with the design of new or existing security storm doors and flower boxes, or other architectural features of your home. WEACO fabricates and installs interior railing systems and handrails on your existing steps or on our open design or circular staircase. 
Fabricated Railing - Baltimore, MD - Weaco Welding - Stairs railing  
Metal Stair Railing - Baltimore, MD - Weaco Welding - Fabricated Metal Railing Fabricated Railing - Baltimore, MD - Weaco Welding - Small custom railing  

The design and measurement process is easy. In most cases a simple and sturdy railing that you have seen in your neighborhood will meet your needs. If you would like, our representative can meet with you, on site, to understand your needs. You can look at options, and see or touch some of the components of your railing system, (see our specifications PDF file). We will identify any applicable building codes or other issues you should consider and develop drawings that will superimpose your concept in its acutal location on a digital image.

If you have a need for railings related to an insurance inspection, FHA Inspection or other need we can help you quickly and in some cases we can get the job started over the phone.

Click here for rail designs and specifications

Fences And Gates:
WEACO fabricates a wide variety of iron or steel fence designs. These fences not only provide the charming feeling of handcrafted work, they are made using heavy duty steel components fully welded together to reduce the effects of vandalism and abuse. They have a distinctive look that will compliment your home. There are no mechanically assembled parts to fail or loosen. Surprisingly, you can get a unique, more durable, low maintenance product at rates comparable to the lightweight mechanically assembled pre-manufactured product. Our fences can be designed to meet pool code requirements or modified to be an effective entry deterrent.

WEACO also fabricates walk gates and driveway gates. Driveway gates can be set up for automatic gate operators or can be hand operated. Even the heaviest of gates will open with the lightest of touch. We can work with your locksmith to provide for remote operation latch release or swing operation.  

Metal Fence - Baltimore, MD - Weaco Welding - Tall Metal Fence

Selected as Baltimore’s Best Fence Company; you can have an old-world ornamental iron fence or gate system designed and installed for about the same cost as the light weight powder coated alternative. The fence sections are made of solid steel components and constructed using only welded connections. The panels are custom designed to meet your needs. Our design staff will work with you to develop a traditional or unique look for your fence. We can also match an existing fence or a design feature already existing in your home. Your fence posts will be set into footings to provide protection against abuse and tampering.       Best Fencing - Baltimore, MD - Weaco Welding - Best of Baltimore Winner
Short Custom Fence - Baltimore, MD - Weaco Welding - Metal fencing around apartment Short Custom Fence - Baltimore, MD - Weaco Welding - Metal fencing around house  

WEACO fabricates standard "S" scroll columns and custom design columns. The columns can be both decorative and structural. The columns can be fabricated in a contemporary or New Orleans style. Column cap plates and base plates can be cut to accommodiate different beam and floor patterns.

Call WEACO today at 410-467-5114 to learn more about our products and services, or browse our website for more information regarding window boxes and window guards or porches and porch columns.  For more information on our products, please download our design and specifications document.



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